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Research Report of Transaction and Accounting in China's Electricity Industry, 2008

Published: 11/25/2008 2:36:41 PM  Come From: News  Click Count:882


      In 2008, the scale of China's electrical power transactions across regions and provinces was further expanded. Due to the high price of coal and changing demand and supply state, barriers across some regions increased and one or two contracts across provinces failed to perform. The total amount of electrical power transactions across regions and provinces reached 470.57 billion KWH in 2008, 134.89 billion KWH of which was made by transactions across regions and 335.68 billion KWH by transactions across provinces. At present, electrical power transactions across regions and provinces have been carried out in 25 provinces (regions or cities) and 6 power regions except Beijing, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Tibet and Hainan.
      One kind of transactions is government-designated. The electricity price, distribution, accounting and charge of this kind of transaction, such as the electricity transmission project of the Three Gorges, electricity of Sichuan sent east, electricity of Heilongjiang and Henan sent out of provinces, etc, should all keep in line with the government's regulations.
      The other kind of transactions is among enterprises. Based on "Guidelines on Improving Electrical Transactions across Regions", this kind of transaction is mainly carried out among electricity grids, electricity grids and electricity plants by means of offering nominal quotation, appointing proxy, bidding together and so on. At present, this transaction is mainly through platform of power grid enterprises and the electricity price, distribution and charge should be set by both sides.
      In 2008, based on the operating procedures, most electricity grid enterprises accounted the electrical charges of newly-built generating sets which had met the operation standards. As for the surplus capital made by adjusted price of newly-built generating sets against the operating price, some electricity grids in Anhui, Henan and Jilin issued a program to make good use of the surplus capital and reported it to the electricity supervision institutions and related government departments. Some enterprises did not distribute the surplus capital in time, which caused a relatively lower tentative price of thermal power and a bigger gap between tentative price of hydroelectric power and fixed price.

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