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      We have implemented employee stock ownership plan to provide the most attractive in the electronics industry, the proportion of the performance bonus commission reached substantial performance indicators are available to year-end performance awards.

1. Enjoy the national statutory holidays, annual leave, five-day work, the team goal of bonuses, life-long performance bonus, social security, statutory holidays, paid annual leave, free health, tourism and other benefits.
2. Adhering to the "good employees are the company's future partner" and "performance-remunerated" mentality, committed to making excellent staff to have peers in the work of the best quality of life.
3. To grow together with the companyand and enjoy the company offers professional training, advanced training.
4. Those who have a exceptional performance can enjoy the training at home or abroad visit, travel and other activities.
5. Enjoy the company's provision of co-ordinating of social insurance such as accident insurance, pension insurance, medical insurance and so on.