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Our mission is to user-oriented service concept, providing online services web site, from customer service representatives and technical engineers, 24 hours to provide professional and efficient service, through a unified national service number of users to log on.

  • Service

With the rapid growth of the electronics industry, in order to occupy a place in the market and thus be able to enforcement electronics market, the Finnish company, whose core competencies have been developed not only confined to technology, competition, and to a large extent also depends on the electronic supply of services between providers competition.

  • Support

Service network across the country for your electronic products at any time to solve the problem, and customers access to all branches and offices of telephone technical support, through different modes of service delivery to customers remotely online, telephone, home address and other modes of services.

  • Customer training

Provide product training materials, into the knowledge of the ocean, to expand their knowledge. Online Q & A FAQ provides customers encountered problems in the use of the Collection, you can quickly find what they need answers.